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     Welcome to The Wonderful World of

                                 Dominoes Designs


Dominoes is one of our oldest games. Its many forms are played around the world by millions of people. Yet, the passion for this game is as intense as ever. The Domino Trains' family of games take their family name from the feature that the players build their own private line of tiles ("trains") instead of playing on a shared layout for the initial part of the game.

The goal is to domino, since scores are based on the tiles left in the other player's hands.

The relatively newest and most exciting versions of these classic games are Mexican Train and Chicken Foot.

One factor that has sustained the popularity of the games is that they are easily played and enjoyed by men, women, boys, and girls…people of all ages. Great Family fun!!!

Carol Thompson and Conni Little have shared this passion for playing dominoes.
They built Dominoes Designs, to share that love of these games with those around the world who play and those who have yet to be converted.

The site is also a resource for game rules; a comprehensive history of dominoes; and many links to other interesting domino related sites.

Please let us know about your domino experiences; share strategies; meet other domino devotees; discuss rule variations in your part of the world (and there are many).

Thank you for visiting, and please return often!

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Mexican Train

Mexican Train is a member of the Trains family of games. There are several variations of names and rules associated with the Trains family including Mexican Express, Mexican Dominoes, and Longana.




Chicken Foot

Chicken Foot dominoes is one of the more recent versions of the Train domino family. It is also known as Chicken Dominoes, Chickie Dominoes and Chickie."



Enjoy Mexican Train or Chicken Foot Dominoes.