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     Welcome to The Wonderful World of

                                 Dominoes Designs

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As partners in Dominoes Designs, Carol Thompson and Conni Little are a dynamic combination.

Carol has a degree in merchandising and an extensive background in public relations.

Conni is an Accredited Public Relations Professional with more than 40 years of experience in the PR, marketing, and advertising fields. She has worked in the non-profit and private sectors. She is ideal in the role of promoting and encouraging participation in the games of dominoes.

Carol and Conni would love to hear from you with any ideas you might have for Dominoes Designs.

Your input is always welcomed.

Constance Little

Where We Are Right Now

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Dominoes Designs, LLC
2287 Fox Run Circle
Findlay, OH 45840


Mexican Train

Mexican Train is a member of the Trains family of games. There are several variations of names and rules associated with the Trains family including Mexican Express, Mexican Dominoes, and Longana.




Chicken Foot

Chicken Foot dominoes is one of the more recent versions of the Train domino family. It is also known as Chicken Dominoes, Chickie Dominoes and Chickie."



Enjoy Mexican Train or Chicken Foot Dominoes.